Harry van Bommel is fortunate to divide his work and volunteer time between many interests:

  1. Bulletteaching front-line managers and staff

  2. Bulletwriting books and articles then teaching  based on his writings

  3. Bullethelping provide practical information to patients, families and their professional & volunteer care providers

  4. Bulletspeaking up for better patient care through a focus on the whole family and centered within the community

His work is accomplished

through two organizations:

PSD Consultants   and   Legacies Inc.

                (founded 1984)           (founded 1999)

These two organizations have 10 websites that can provide you with lots of free online books and video teaching clips as well as an opportunity to buy his books. (Click here to order resources.)


Balancing your family life with your work and volunteering is the gift we give to ourselves and to others.

Harry van Bommel

Harry van Bommel is a management consultant,  author, educator and public speaker in the fields of leadership, management, family caregiving, health care,  and writing.